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We're a global delivery team. We only hire the best talent around the globe. We’re a small, tight-knit team of Ruby on Rails developers with a lot of experience in the startup and enterprise world. We believe in fast delivery, common sense solutions, doing what we love, and getting it right the first time.

Russ Miles

Russ Miles

Microservices Partner and Advisor

Russ Miles is the CTO and a founder of Simplicity Itself who are the world leaders in developing and delivering enterprise data science and microservice-based IT systems. Russ and his team work to ensure that the enterprise clients of Idyllic, in partnership with Simplicity, get the competitive advantage of the latest microservices and data science architectures, tools and techniques

Brian Tsuchiya

Managing Director, Boulder

Brian is a conscious entrepreneur who has dedicated his professional life to entrepreneurship. Brian is a startup agilest. He has built four companies from scratch to over $1M in annual revenues and would best be defined as a serial entrepreneur. He has been in the technology and software space since 2001 and has worked with lots of different technologies, his favorite is Ruby on Rails. Brian understands the shortage of talented full stack RoR developers is a serious issue for businesses.His experiences are in startups, spirituality, software, sustainability and building sustainable businesses. As the Boulder Managing Director Brian owns all of the business development and the building, managing and nurturing of the Boulder office.

Brian Tsuchiya
Dechay Watts

Dechay Watts

Content Strategy Partner

Dechay leverages her technology and marketing background to analyze client needs, set measurable goals and develop winning content strategies to drive leads and sales. Prior experience includes Saatchi & Saatchi, General Motors Europe and AppRiver. She has a Master Degree in Business and Bachelors Degree in Public Relations and is co-author of the book Brands in Glass Houses.
Dechay is the co-founder and chief strategy officer of content strategy company named Sprout Content. She now partners up with Idyllic Software to help build content strategy for applications built at Idyllic Software.

Jinesh Parekh

Founder, CEO

Jinesh ventured into the software world by earning a masters degree in Software Engineering from DePaul University, Chicago. He has worked in Chicago with companies ranging from Startup's to large organizations to help build and lead their technology front. In 10 years of his career, he hired several software and design consulting firms for his employers. It was easy for him to spot the dark side of the consulting business model. As the consulting business starts to grow quickly, mediocrity arises in the hiring process and the quality of services starts to deteriorate. That is one reason why Jinesh formed Idyllic Software which operates on a completely different model, focusing inside than on the outside. He believes, if a company can provide a culture where every one grows together at the speed the company does and every individual has a purpose on what they are doing with their clients, it becomes a win-win ecosystem and the clients always get the best of the talent they have on your team.

Jinesh Parekh

We are proudly brewed in Boulder

We're headquartered in Boulder, but we have clients on both coasts and everywhere in between. Stop by and visit us!

Polyglot Programmers

Ruby on Rails, Go, Scala, Java, JRuby, Python and more...

Front End Developers

HTML // CSS // Javascipt Responsive Web Design, Data Visualization, Dashboards and more ...

User Experience Designers

Personas, Story Boarding, Information Architechture, Wireframes, Visual Design, Usability Testing.

Content Strategists

HTML // CSS // Javascipt Responsive Web Design, Data Visualization, Dashboards and more ...

Projects Delivered

Industries: Logistics, E-Commerce, Insurance, Job Portals, High Traffic Video Streaming industries, Social Media, B2B platforms, Shopify, Communications, Email marketing, Auction, Job Market place, Project Management Applications and more...

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