MVP for startups

Let our lean experts help you launch your product rightly scoped and super fast
You too want a minimum viable product built? Oh, come on. 99 out of 100 fail.

Want to succeed? Think of minimum sustainable company

A mindset change

Increase your odds of success


what does it take to succeed?

MSC success criteria

winning mindset

You have to be very clear about the date’s that you want to meet, the work you want to get done and the results you want to achieve. Once we kick off, we cannot afford to ideate and change plans.
Yup, this is not agile. Realize that racing against time is not what agile is capable of either.

a runway

This project should be your top priority. You must be willing to commit all the time that is required to get us to the finish line.

full time commitment

You and us both will have to work with intense focus and do whatever it takes to stay ahead of the roadmap for the planned work.

sell sell sell attitude

Once the ride begins, you will have to make decisions and make them fast. You will be our biggest strength but you will also become our biggest bottle neck if you do not call the shots.

have it all? - let's get to work then

you think, we make

Your define the hypothesis. We will understand your vision.
Your define the customers. We will understand them.
You scope, we de-scope
You work on your business. We will work in it.
You plan the customer acquisition. We plan the roadmap.
You onboard the customers.
We build and launch your product.

See what they say

lets begin your journey

Your journey just began

Now that you’ve launched, we could optionally engage with you to keep the checks on the parameters that we are testing and make minor tweaks on a retainer mode.
If we do not engage, you still want to keep us updated weekly or twice a month about your whereabouts and bounce off your learnings with us. We could re-engage if need be, or let it run on it’s own.

alright. ready to build your business

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